June 27, 2008

Working with Rockstars…

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No, not the real kind. I’m talking about the kind of people who swoop in to save the day, pull your hide from the fire and in general are life savers who don’t ask for much other than an experience. That’s right, I’m talking about rockstar interns.

I happen to have three FANTASTIC interns this summer, all of whom will make phenomenal PR practitioners one day because they like to get their hands dirty. They dial for dollars with enthusiasm, build bang up, well researched media lists, shift through mounds of articles to find the prize statistic and they do it with a smile.

I had a massive project with a deadline of oh, nano seconds. Jessie, Caitlin and Lauren all threw themselves at it and as of 4:30 on a Friday, they had helped me see it through to completion.

I am so grateful to these women who hear me rant and don’t get scared, crack jokes just when everyone needs it and come in with the winning attitude that will make them outstanding professionals in this field one day.

Ladies, here’s to you and rockstar interns everywhere. Remember, when it feels like bitch work, it probably is, but some one is very grateful to you for doing it well. Today, that person is me.

Starbucks on me Monday!