July 20, 2009

Cashing in on Twitter’s Value

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An AdAge article published today tags a number to the value of coverage Twitter generates in one month…and it’s big. $48 million big.

And that $48 million is just for the past 30 days!

We knew that Twitter’s influence was big, but let’s face it, everyone’s been begging for numbers to give some sense of the value.

Here’s the break down:

  • 2.73 BILLION impressions
  • 57% was TV contributed PR value
  • 37% was newspaper contributed PR value
  • 5% was magazine contributed PR value

This is powerful information for PR practioners to be able to convince clients that Twitter and social media are critical pipelines for distributing information.

The big question is will Twitter continue to be the big thing in social media? The growth has been substantial since the beginning of the year — even history making with events like the Iran elections and the passing of Michael Jackson — but can Twitter sustain it’s media darling status?


March 26, 2009

Advertisers Dumping Print for TV & Web

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It’s not a shocking headline. We all know print is dying a slow painful death as advertisers dedicate their dollars to other mediums.

Patrick O’Grady of the Phoenix Business Journal wrote a great article based on local Phoenix research which explains why this shift is happening so rapidly.

According to a partner at SpinSix Strategic Marketing Design:

It’s not that people are buying into it [online advertising]. It’s that they can’t escape it.

The other driving factor is that there are intense analytics that accompany online advertising, which measure how long people stay on the site, what they spend, where they clicked in from. Those analitics really justify the spend. And in this day and age, that accounts for everything (pun intended).

Ultimately, this shift will impact public relations as well. I like to say that advertising and PR must lean against each other to make the other stronger. Now, there are cases where companies are just stratigically better off to choose one vehicle for their marketing, but in general it takes two to really tango.

The major impact is going to be in measurement a sector of our profession that has been so hard to quantify to begin with. As clients look for solid proof that articles are generating dollars for their companies we are going to have to come up with some stellar metrics that challenge us to deviate away from the less tangible “strategic message pull through” et al.

In light of this, here’s a list of a few solutions I feel we need to establish:

  • Ability to tell how many people get to an article on line (measured by: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months)
  • Ability to measure click thrus from articles to client sites
  • Standardized value for “Web-only” broadcast stories
  • Archived values

These are just a few of the things I think about when it comes to seeing an article or story run on line.

If you’ve got any other ideas of measurement  problems we need solutions for or resources I’ve been missing….please PLEASE share!


November 11, 2008

Which Brands Will Survive?

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It’s all about the bottom line these days. The last time I bought a brand name at the grocery store was easily months ago. Even if it’s only a savings of a few cents, chances are I (and the rest of America) am going for it.

These buying habits beg the question: what brands will survive?

Obviously many have. Coke, Pepsi, Tide, Wheaties, Kraft, Brawny, Charmin, to name a few grocery brands, have weathered less severe economic storms. But with the onslaught of new products, will we see new favorites disappear off the shelves?

Not if their marketers or agencies are smart. Now is the time to hit home the point of investment. Branding is an investment in the best of times, and a necessary on during downturns. Telling stories about why the brad is worth the consumers’ additional investment positions the brand’s worth…and hopefully keeps the dollars coming in.

Your brand is your nest egg for a rainy day. If you haven’t invested yet, call me and we’ll start building a great brand.