Public Relations is an ever evolving industry, especially now. With the advent of Web 2.0, New Media, Social Media, YouTube, Twitter, Flcker, etc. our field is in a constant state of change, a constant state of catch up. Understanding new applications, tactics and incorporating new strategies with tried and true ones will be the future survival and success of our communications field.

Three sharp (if we do say so ourselves) public relations minds from up and down the West Coast share views on how the field is changing, what we are learning and occasionally how we are coping.

We come from three very different public practices:

  1. A world renown corporate agency (Hill&Knowlton, Seattle, Wash.)
  2. A large independent agency (Pure Brand Communications, Denver, Colo.)
  3. A small boutique agency (Armstrong Troyky Public Relations & Advertising, Phoenix, Ariz.)

What we all share is a similar Jesuit education from Gonzaga University, friendships and a passion for the work that we do.

We might not always see eye-to-eye on industry practices, but we always want to learn; from one another, from industry experts and from our readers.


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  1. Ryan Paugh said,

    Hey PR Gals,

    Just stumbled across your site and I think it’s great.

    I manage a community of 20-something bloggers over at BrazenCareerist.com. I’d love to chat w/ you all about your blog and if you had any interest in contributing to our community.

    You can reach me at ryanpaugh@brazencareerist.com.

    Keep up the good work!


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