October 26, 2009

What’s Your Policy?

Posted in Social Media at 8:32 pm by R

Whether you’re a large corporation or a mom and pop shop, any business venturing into social media needs to have a policy.

  • Who is your spokesperson in social media?
  • What brands will you align yourself with (don’t kid yourself, people are interested in who you’re following if they’re following you)?
  • How will you respond to inaccurate commentary?
  • Negative commentary?
  • Will you friend/follow everyone who’s following you?

Yep. It’s a lot to think about. There’s a lot more strategy for entering into the social media playing field than coming up with a secure password!

So where do you even start? By stating your purpose.

Are you here to:

  • make friends
  • promote products or events
  • listen to conversation about your product/service
  • use social media as a customer service tool

Your purpose will drive your strategy.

For example, if you want to create a large following, your policy should probably be to accept as many followers as are interested in you and make it a habit to follow them back.

As another example, if you’re promoting products or events, make good use of your status updates/tweets and establish a minimum of posts for the day to stay at the top of a news feed.

Social media policies, like businesses, are all a little different. So simply borrowing ALL the ideas from someone whose done it before you might not be the best way to build your policy. What work well for one may be a total flop for another.

One thing that remains true as you create your own personal policy, remember that credibility, humility and authenticity (CHA) are paramount in your social media communication no matter what your policy dictates.


That’s right. If nothing else, do the Cha-CHA and you’ll be fine 🙂



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