October 15, 2009

The Big Change

Posted in Our News at 9:30 pm by R

You may have noted over the past months that my posts have become increasingly focused on social media and its impact on communications. It’s true that I’m utterly fascinated with these new practices, their nuances, facets and ever-expanding capabilities. For this reason I’m taking my career in the direction of social media.

That’s right, I’m going to become a social media strategist! I’m very excited about the new position I’ve accepted and can’t wait to get my hands really dirty in all of this social media stuff.

Point being, expect that my posts will become even more focused on social media.

What I realize as I mentally prepare for my new job is that at the very heart of social media still lies the simple principles of communication. The pipelines are more sophisticated and the pace is faster, but it all comes back to humans relating to humans. I think that if you are in public relations, that is probably why you got into the field — to help humans relate to one another.

So stay tuned, because Cut Me Some Flack’s scope just got broader … officially anyway. Denver PR Gal will hold down the agency fort with her breadth of experience and professional perspective and singular insight.  I’ll bring my new perspective working in social media to the table too. And A, well, she’s expecting a little bundle of joy in the form of a baby boy any day now (actually any minute since she was due today), so she’ll bring the new mom perspective — with her classic wit of course.

Perfect combo.



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