September 16, 2009

Observations On An Eventful Week

Posted in Current Events at 9:34 am by R

So much has happened this week (already) that I want to comment on, so I thought I’d do it in bullet point format:

  1. Serena Williams — You should NOT have held that press conference IMMEDIATELY after your outburst and subsequent forfeiture of the semi-final match. Words got you into this mess, poorly crafted ones delivered off the cuff won’t get you out. Your next-day follow up statement was better. And you owe a big thanks to #2 for deflecting some of the attention.
  2. Kanye West — Wow, you sure are something, aren’t ya. That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Except to say that I bet you felt like a REAL horse’s pa-toot when Beyonce won video of the year. You sir are living proof of the statement, “Any press is good press.” (…and why it’s not true…) The president was right…
  3. President Obama — Actually, not so much Obama as the ABC journalist who tweeted about the President’s response to Kanye’s stunt at the VMA’s. Glad to know the Commander-in-chief was thinking the same thing I was, but boy howdy, ya think this is going to open up some to social media restriction policies around the president? I do.
  4. Beyonce — You’re talented and classy. Well played. And I think you genuinely meant every word. Double bonus for being a good human being, it’s the best kind of PR. Bravo.
  5. Recession: Game Over — According to statements from Fed Chairman Bernake, the recession is “very likely over.” Isn’t it a little dangerous to make that claim along side the fact that unemployment may still hang tough at the 26 year high? Not to mention all these fresh reports of banks swiftly moving back to risky business. The words just don’t match up to the environment. I’m an economic dunce, but even I can see the inconsistencies here. Maybe it’s a “self-fulfilling prophecy” kind of statement?
  6. Facebook launches @ — Take that Twitter! Not only has Facebook added to its capabilities, but it’s become profitable AND reached 300 million users. Twitter’s only expected to get to 18 million users by the end of the year. Your move Twitter. And make it a good one.

To see some of the coverage from this week’s PR events click here, here, here, here, here, here and just for fun, here.



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