August 25, 2009

Gen Y’s Secret Career Management Weapon

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Shortly after launching Cut Me Some Flack, we caught the eye of a very forward-thinking and proactive network of bloggers on Brazen Careerist.

Through this powerful network, the CMSF girls have been able to share our ideas among a peer audience and have met some pretty awesome Gen Y professionals who will no doubt make an enormous impact on this world in their respective industries.

If you haven’t visited this site and experienced the community on Brazen Careerist…GO NOW!

Brazen Careerist launched today a fresh new site enhanced with career management tools for Gen Y. So whether you’re just getting into the job market, working to become a better professional or just developing your personal professional brand this bigger, better community is a powerful resource.

This collaborative, professional site is an unprecedented approach to professional development. Brazen Careerist realizes that while the job market is competitive, the path to career success and satisfaction shouldn’t be. So here is this unique community which shares its collective experiences and offers solutions and ideas to help each network member.

It’s an “it-takes-a-village” attitude toward personal and career development.

This idea and anecdote sharing space has been an incredible resource for me personally, giving me insight for how the PR industry is shifting for other Gen Y practitioners all over the country. And it’s an opportunity to connect with people whose thoughts I really respect. If it weren’t for Brazen Careerist I might never have had a chance to interact with innovators like @ryanpaugh, @MsCareerGirl @danschwabel or @caitlinmc to name just a few.

Don’t be surprised if you start hearing A LOT about Brazen Careerist. The impact this online community is set to create is like nothing else in social media. The combination of career management tools and close-knit community are powerful…one might even call Brazen Careerist Gen Y’s secret weapon.




  1. Andrew K said,

    How is this different than linkedin?

  2. R said,

    If you visit Brazen Careerist you’ll see that it’s quite different from LinkedIn. The interface is designed to be a collaborative community as opposed to just a networking space.

    Visit the new site and you’ll see that this is really tailored to be more than just the traditional résumé online; at the core of the new Brazen Careerist profile is an idea-based feed that showcases your knowledge, opinions and thoughts.

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