July 13, 2009

Follow me?

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While we’ve all done it before, talking to yourself is not very interesting. When you’re writing a blog post, Tweeting or updating your Facebook status, you’re doing so in hope that someone cares about what you’re saying. And, you’re hoping that someone may even be compelled to respond so you can engage in a meaningful conversation. But, this can’t happen unless you have the right people reading your blog, watching your videos or following your Twitter stream. But, getting the right people to engage with you takes a lot more time and work than creating the content does. As I have embarked on my social media journey, here’s what I’ve found to be helpful.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move: Like dating, it’s tough to make the first move but once you do, you’re often surprised. If you want a fellow blogger to read your blog, read their blog first, engage in a conversation and then ask them to check out yours. Once you start, you’ll be surprised how receptive people are when you show genuine interest in the content they are creating. After all, they have the same desire as you do – to engage in the online conversation.

Quality beats quantity: I don’t have thousands of Facebook friends, but the ones I have are the important ones. They are the people who I want to be talking to and who want to hear what I have to say. It’s not always about reaching the largest group of people, but activating the core network or customer/client base that is going to engage with you and your brand. Ideally, this inner circle will become your brand ambassadors and help you branch out into new territory.

You don’t become prom queen overnight: It takes time to build up a strong base of friends, followers, blog readers, etc. You have to identify your core audience, provide content that is interesting and engage in a conversation with them. This requires a lot of work and consequently a lot of time. It may require reading other blogs, re-tweeting relevant information or sharing videos. Unless you do something really wacky or have an incredibly compelling product or story, you won’t see your web traffic skyrocket in 24 hours or your Twitter followers jump to 100,000. However, if you’re interesting and spending time engaging in the online conversation, you’ll be on your way to becoming a member of prom court.

I’m no prom queen but I am actively engaged online. And, while I’ve had moments of frustration where I have felt like I was talking to myself, I’ve overall found it to be incredibly rewarding. The one thing that I always remind myself – It’s a conversation.

For more helpful tips on engaging in the online conversation, check out this blog post by Ben Parr.



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