June 15, 2009

CMSF: The one year mark

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A year ago, when I launched Cut Me Some Flack, I wanted to capture the experience of Gen Y professionals in a field we all knew was changing.

And change it has.

So here’s a couple things I’ve learned/observed:

  1. The coversation has been dominated by Social Media.
  2. The second most frequent topic matter: newspaper down-sizing, layoffs, closures
  3. The old tools and practices are getting a face lift or are going by the wayside

Each of these trends — as far as CMSF is concerned — lead into one another. The rise of social media contributed to the fall of so many practices (I mean a 140 character press release just isn’t realistic). And a leaner, meaner media further bolsters the quick access and short response format of social media.

Having entered this field only four years ago, I can say that just about EVERYTHING has changed. And this past year really seems to be the tipping point. We’re in a new era of PR. And we’ll keep tabs on the changes in the media, communications practices and anything else that catches our eye.



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  1. N J Stewart-Smith said,

    Congratulations on the first anniversary of “Cut Me Some Flak,” your professional blog. The insight, the skilled writing, the humor and respect in every entry is so hopeful and inspiring! Here’s to many more!

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