May 27, 2009

Social Media Overwhelms Me

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:59 am by R

How is it possible to monitor:

  • all of the incoming tweets
  • view people’s photo slideshows and status updates on friend and fan pages on Facebook
  • keep up with recommendations and group discussions on LinkedIn

…all while keeping your facts straight, remaining relevant and not letting social media management become a full-time job!?

Some applications weaving these platforms together make it easier to gather all the incoming information, but being an active participant in response to that info is still a major undertaking.

So, how to manage?

  • Get one serving a day — Commit to participating on one platform a day. Be active on Twitter one day, catch up on all the new connections on LinkedIn the next, update your profile on Facebook the following day.
  • Prioritize — While part of the joy of social media is the instant gratification of the communication, don’t feel pressured to respond to everything IMMEDIATELY. Though Twitter often requires near instantaneous responses, many other social media interactions can survive with a little lag time.
  • Experiment with combo platforms — Applications like TweetDeck and Facebook ad-ons, along with many others, can help you manage responses from several social media in one place. Making your social media a one-stop-shop scenario does help.

So much of social media is customized to the user. It’s the same with the management. You ultimately have to develop your own schedule & style.



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