March 31, 2009

Chicago Sun-Times in the Red

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Sun-Times Media Group, owner of the Chicago Sun-Times and 58 other papers, has filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy today. The Sun-Times plans to continue to run its holdings as usual while it restructures  and “stabilizes operations.” See the full CNN article here.

The hits really just keep on coming don’t they!

While the Sun-Times announcement is bothersome, I’m more worried about the fresh cuts announced at both the Washington Post and The New York Times this week. The overall picture is really bleak.

How about a tally, shall we?

  1. Washington Post – budget cuts
  2. New York Times — budget cuts
  3. L.A. Times — holding company in bankruptcy
  4. Chicago Times — holding company in bankruptcy
  5. Chicago Sun-Times — holding company in bankruptcy
  6. Seattle PI — Web only
  7. Christian Science Monitor — Web only
  8. Rocky Mountain News — ciao
  9. Miami Herald — reportedly for sale

That’s disheartening. That’s a lot of talented journalists jobs at risk.

What’s worse is that there’s still no contingency plan. We are still asking “where will journalism go?” The answer seems to be online, but how will this format sustain itself?

Until we have answers, we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled. Keep tabs at Paper Cuts.



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  1. Erica Smith said,

    Thanks for the Paper Cuts shout-out!

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