March 23, 2009

Rising Commodity: Good News

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I’ve been saying it since October when all was doom and gloom in the media: PEOPLE WANT GOOD NEWS. It turns out, I was actually right!

Daniel Stone of Newsweek wrote a wonderful Web piece about “The Growing Hunger for Positive News.”

Turns out no good news is bad news, and so is all good news. You can neither immerse yourself in the negative nor avoid the negative completely to be balanced. Just like a good diet, negative and positive news is best served in moderation.

Ode Magazine is based on positive news. Not sappy puppies and babies news, legitimately positive NEWS.

Here’s a smattering of their headlines as an example:

It’s a great example of how positive news works…see, no sap, just silver lining.

It seems that finally editors and reporters from a variety of outlets  are ready to embrace the good. It’s not all rainbows and roses out there, but there are interesting and positive things happening.

How to make the most of this precious commodity:

  1. Be fair and balanced: positivity for the sake of positivity isn’t newsworth. Positivity that has an impact is newsworthy. Tell client stories with meaning and results, not just the warm fuzzies.
  2. Be a sign of the times: There are trends out there independent of “these economic times” (I hate hearing and using that phrase!). Position your positive pitch with relation to other topics receiving attention.
  3. Be a Nay-sayer: If you have a client who likes to make strong statements, issue something that directly counteracts a negative piece of news and back it up with support for the positive contrary.
  4. Start Local, Go Global: With the rise of good news, expect to see a lot of Main Street America stories surfacing on national news — Daniel notes this in his piece as well. Be a home town hero. There are a MILLION opportunities to be a leader, lend a hand and  stand for virtues. But, please don’t be a hero simply for the sake of being a hero. MEAN IT.

Daniel Stone…thank you for your positive ways.



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