March 19, 2009

Does someone really own social media?

Posted in Industry Standards, Social Media at 10:21 am by SD

Adweek recently ran an interesting article about who “owns” social media. To sum up the article, it basically made the case for why neither PR agencies or digital agencies should “own” it. The article called for a neutral third party generalist to be the owner of social media. This person’s role would be to integrate the digital and the PR efforts. While this is an interesting solution, I think it actually speaks to a larger trend – to maintain relevance in the ever-changing communications (on- and off-line) world, agencies must evolve and take on an integrated model.

As recent news has shown, companies are looking to consolidate their multiple PR, digital and advertising agencies into one AOR. Usually, the agency that comes out on top in this scenario is the integrated one. The one that can provide the full range of communications from media relations, digital strategy, marketing strategy and social media strategy to advertising, design services, community relations and branding expertise is the natural winner in this situation.

Why is this such a growing trend?

Because companies can get all of their communications needs met by one integrated team working together to accomplish the same goals. With everyone under the same roof, there is no need to determine who owns social media because its all one integrated team.

To answer my own question. Yes, someone does own social media and it’s the integrated communications firm.



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