January 23, 2009

The Rising Pop Culture Conciousness of Social Media

Posted in Media, Social Media at 8:37 am by ageorgoulis

This past Sunday, ABC’s hit show Brothers and Sisters aired an episode revolving around Sarah Walker’s (played by the amazing Rachel Griffiths) new website launch. After Sarah and her colleagues give an (off screen) presentation at a tech conference before a group of potential investors, she bemoans the fact that she did not know what Twitter was or have a Facebook page.

This marks the first time I recall seeing a network TV show using the rising importance of social media as the subplot to an episode. In my opinion this signals the beginning of the ‘Tipping Point.’

Pop culture is now echoing the growing number of voices shouting from the digital mountain tops that the new era has begun. No more can social media be relegated to the “younger generations,” “computer geeks,” and “stalkerazzi.” It is mainstream and taking over how we communicate.

Bravo to ABC and Brothers and Sisters for its de rigeur subtext (and for providing me with an excuse to enjoy 60 minutes of unabashed screen drooling at Dave Annable – Justin Walker on the show)

I mean, c’mon, how can you not LOVE this show!


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