January 14, 2009

Shouting an authentic story

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Information is at your fingertips. Literally. It’s on your iPhone, a few clicks away on your laptop, on the podcast you’re listening to on your iPod or the magazine you’re scanning as you eat your breakfast. While this makes our lives as consumers much easier, it creates unique challenges for businesses as they strive to communicate their messages across several different mediums, rather than just the one or two

So what does this trend mean for businesses? It means communication efforts have to be unified across the board. Speak with one, clear voice. And that voice must be authentic.

As my friend and mentor, Sydney Ayers, stated in her recent article in PR Tactics & The Strategist,

Maintaining honest talk in everyday communications will not only be critical for long-term business success, but will also impact the way in which we as PR professionals are expected to operate in the year to come.”

As communications professionals, we’re tasked with ensuring that we are clearly communicating authentic messages with our key stakeholders at all times. Whether we’re talking business goals, company culture, new products, or recent layoffs, we must share honest and consistent information. Our stakeholders will appreciate hearing the truth, no matter what it may be. With information so readily available, there is nothing to hide behind and communications that are not wholly truthful will quickly be discovered and exposed.

As we go shout our stories from the multiple communications “roof tops” available to us, let us take a few minutes to ensure they are authentic and consistent stories that accurately represent who we are.



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