January 1, 2009

The magic word in 2009? Value.

Posted in Industry Standards at 10:01 pm by SD

Value is the word of 2009. As PR people, adding value and proving we are adding it is going to be more crucial than ever before. During this economic downturn, companies are not necessarily scraping their PR efforts like they did during the last downturn but rather looking at how to get the most out of their dollars. As we draft PR and marketing plans for the coming year, we have to examine the tactics we are recommending and whether they are a true value add. We need to be asking ourselves, our co-workers and even our bosses these questions:

  • What tactics are a value add?
  • Which tactics require a lot of time and money but produce few results?
  • What efforts result in the highest engagement with key stakeholders?
  • Which tactics only touch a few key stakeholders?
  • What tactics worked for us in 2008? Why? Can we rework them and use them in 2009?
  • Is this tactic worth the high price tag? Does it generate high results?
  • What out-of-the-box, low budget programs can we implement to reach our key stakeholders?

This list could go on for days but the point of it is to get us thinking about PR tactics and whether they are truly valuable. Trust me, your questions and willingness to examine your PR plan to ensure it is really achieving its desired goals will be appreciated. Now is not the time to throw together a PR plan without spending the proper time thinking it through. It is a time to get creative and figure out how to get the most out of your PR budgets while still producing measurable results that reach your ultimate goal of communicating with key stakeholders.

Value. Keep it top of mind as you ring in the New Year.



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