December 29, 2008

Mrs. Georgoulis!

Posted in Our News at 2:55 pm by R

This Saturday, CMSF contributor Allison Francis became Allison Georgoulis.

She was a GORGEOUS bride. She was a HAPPY bride. She was a bride whipped up in “Modern Marie Antoinette” perfection…plus an intact head 🙂

Allison as bride

Allison was my first friend when I moved to Phoenix. We’ve been through thick and thin, heartaches & breaks, good times & bad, great jobs & not so great ones. She helped me plan my wedding (she convinced me to wear a veil).  So it was with great joy that I got to share in Allison & Anthony’s wedding celebration and lend an event planning hand to help their dream wedding come to life.

These two have a love tested in fire. They are the living definition of patience and caring. I’m so happy for them and their son to now officially be one big, happy Georgoulis family.




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