December 23, 2008

What Matters in A Brand

Posted in A walk on the "dark side" at 9:09 am by R

Experience is ALL that matters in a brand.

Let me give you a holiday example: why are Old Navy’s flannel holiday pants superior to all others in my opinion? Because of a little PJ Christmas party my friends and I had several years back. I. LOVE. THOSE. PANTS.

Silly yes, but the experience I had bound me to that brand.

More brands need to work to communicate and brand the experience with a brand than they are communicating quality, value, etc. Why you ask?

Because if the experience is satisfactory and matches up to the brand promise, quality and perceived value are sure to follow.

I for one, will be looking to create direct links between my client’s products and the experience’s people have with them to communicate the brand promise…not just spouting off the characteristics in releases and pitches. Clearly, that means testimonials, which communicate not only the experience, but the quality as well.

In a time where dollars matter more than brand loyalty a strong positive experience is the only thing that will keep consumers purchasing, making investments and otherwise spending where they could easily make a cutback.



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