December 2, 2008

What I’m Reading Today

Posted in In the news tagged at 4:17 pm by R

Lots of really juicy articles came to my attention today on a couple of really interesting fronts.

  1. Journalism’s Evolution
  2. Being Lux is Bad PR

The first article from PBS Mediashift’s Mark Glaser is a really interesting look at an experiment happening in Journalism — crowdfunding. Three thoughts:

  • This structure would put journalists in PR shoes.
  • Won’t it be terrifying to see what people want covered…
  • Which publications will glom on to this trend and buy the rights?

The second from Newsweek. I couldn’t help but feel a little upset reading this one. Wealth has been so atrociously flamboyant! And now people are paying the price for their exorbitant indulgences — Fuld and his near-stoning at the congressional hearing… Three thoughts:

  • Will the world’s wealthiest start investing in and shopping at Target?
  • How will publicists protect their well-off clients and justify purchases that seem outlandish to the rest of us plebeians?
  • 2008 word of the year: Green, 2009 word of the year: GREED



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