December 1, 2008

Fighting Santa & The Economy

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It’s that time of year…the one where it becomes near impossible to place any news that isn’t wrapped in fancy paper and tied up with a velvet bow — the holidays!

Don’t get me wrong…I’m a total nut about Christmas. The carols are blaring at my office (a new 2009 mix courtesy of moi), I have big plans to decorate the house this weekend and I can’t WAIT until my sister-in-law comes home from Gonzaga so that we can make a gingerbread house while watching Love Actually…our tradition.


But on the professional side, it’s tough. Especially now that we’ve had the earth shattering announcement that the US economy is in a recession and has been for an entire year. We are fighting Santa and economic news…Bah Humbug!

So how do we get around this double-blow for the next 25 days (with Christmas…who knows with the economy)?

  1. Acknowledge the challenge — let your clients know what you are up against to get them in the news. And remember, it’s a short month so a lot of our colleagues in the media will be taking well-deserved breaks for the holidays too.
  2. Work with what you’ve got — beyond being a challenge, the holidays and the economy are trends. Ask how you can play into those trends to create meaningful news hits.
  3. Look to the New Year — go beyond Santa if you can’t fight him. Many journalists are already lining up stories for the new year. With the economy in particular trend reports in various vertical businesses will be juicy fodder after 1/1/09
  4. Give for a good reason — companies tend to give just for the press of it. And while people still benefit in these instances, a compelling story is much more touching. Does your company have a  heart for animals? Has your company served a family in need? Do your employees work with a great organization who needs help this year? The personal stories and community impact are the real pay off. Do good to inspire others to do good. That’s real news.
  5. Concentrate on long lead publications — Magazines and industry publications are well on their way to Valentine’s Day and beyond, start locking in hits through the first quarter.

Be of good cheer (and creativity) there are still plenty of stories to tell! Don’t let the Jolly Fat Man or Wall Street get in your way.



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