November 18, 2008

Is PR Dead?

Posted in A walk on the "dark side", Industry Standards at 3:57 pm by SD

On Friday, I heard Dave Taylor give a presentation titled “PR: 0, Bloggers: 1.” My first thought as he started his presentation was “Awesome, so now my job is obsolete. Just what I need in this economy!” Fortunately, PR is not dead, it’s alive and well if you’re willing to evolve and look at things a little differently.

In order to subscribe this new evolution of PR, you have to understand that:

“PR is not about controlling the message but about influencing the discussion.”

Well said Dave Taylor.

Fellow PR control freaks, we’ve got to let go of the role of the “gatekeeper” of information because no matter how hard we try, we don’t have 100% control of it. The Internet has made information way too available for this to happen. We still have information but we can’t always control how it gets out. Most of the time, the best we can do is try to influence the discussion. How do we do this? We combine our traditional PR efforts with online efforts. This means keeping those relationships with our local print and broadcast outlets but building new ones with online bloggers. It’s having an online presence whether via a blog, video sharing site or social networking site. It’s always asking ourselves, “how can we be part of the conversation?” and “where are people talking about us?” and then going to those places. It’s not asking, “how do control the message?” because we can’t control it, we can only try to influence it. Without this change in thinking, PR will die.

So, as I get ready to start my week, I rest assured that PR isn’t dead, it’s just changing. I’m up to this challenge, are you?



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  1. Dave Taylor said,

    *phew* I was worried when I saw “cut me some flack” but apparently you understood the point I was making. Glad to have helped start a dialog in your profession!

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