November 11, 2008

Which Brands Will Survive?

Posted in Measurment tagged at 11:39 am by R

It’s all about the bottom line these days. The last time I bought a brand name at the grocery store was easily months ago. Even if it’s only a savings of a few cents, chances are I (and the rest of America) am going for it.

These buying habits beg the question: what brands will survive?

Obviously many have. Coke, Pepsi, Tide, Wheaties, Kraft, Brawny, Charmin, to name a few grocery brands, have weathered less severe economic storms. But with the onslaught of new products, will we see new favorites disappear off the shelves?

Not if their marketers or agencies are smart. Now is the time to hit home the point of investment. Branding is an investment in the best of times, and a necessary on during downturns. Telling stories about why the brad is worth the consumers’ additional investment positions the brand’s worth…and hopefully keeps the dollars coming in.

Your brand is your nest egg for a rainy day. If you haven’t invested yet, call me and we’ll start building a great brand.



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