November 3, 2008

My Motherboard, Myself

Posted in Personally... at 9:48 pm by R

My MacBook went down last week. I cried. In the Apple store. In my car. At home. To my husband. To my dad. To my boss. I.Had.A.Melt.Down.

With out my beloved laptop, I had time to think about how much I depend on my beloved laptop.

Technology, immediate access to what’s going on and the comfort of knowing a large percentage of my personal life is on this 13×8 contraption…and then poof. It’s gone.

But a funny thing happened during my displacement to a PC (gross). The familiarity of my email, the media sites I visit every day were still there, like favorite neighborhood haunts. I realized, it’s not about the computer itself, it’s about the places it takes me to. So much of my life is on the Web. Communication, gossip, finances, news – national, international and local – frivolity, videos, this list goes on, they’re all there for me on the Web.

Even as our lives become more mobile and web-based and universally accessible…

Back up your computer.

I don’t care how much of my life I can get to from any computer in the world, there’s no place like my own MacBook.



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  1. Momma said,

    Even at age three, using an Apple IIGS (in 1986!) the mantra was “There are two kinds of computer users: Those who save, and those who wish they had!

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