October 27, 2008

From Green to Greed

Posted in In the news at 9:05 am by R

I sincerely thought the word of the year was going to be “green” hands down. But over the course of the past month, I’m seeing a new theme take over the media…greed.

With the crisis on Wall Street and the fall out on Main Street, focus has shifted from sustainability to culpability for this situation. Company leaders at fallen Goliath’s like AIG are coming under serious scrutiny after lavish spending has come to light, including enormous expenditures after the bail out like a $400,000 spa retreat and a luxurious vacation to Cotswold, England for a merry little hunt.

I suppose they should enjoy it while it lasts, because now the media and their audiences are paying close attention to the luxury line items and they are none-to-pleased. While many of us are battening down the financial hatches, some are still living quite high on the hog.

Here are the news stories I expect to see for the next four months:

  • Who spent what — C-levels abusing the privileges
  • How should they pay — what kind of penance should these people do for their crimes of greed ( a whole LOT of Hail Mary’s)
  • What do we expect of corporate leaders now — how main street expects corporate leaders to act now

And of course on the flip side of things:

  • Budget buys of all kinds
  • Living rich with out making anymore money
  • On-going financial hardships
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

Greed will be the hallmark for the rest of the year. People are angry and they need to get it out of their system by reading about it, talking about and then focusing on their own situations and how to make their lives better.

Put down your luxury holiday pitches, that’s just not gonna fly. Think budget friendly, think positioning CEOs & CFOs as responsible with funds. Think anti-greed.



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