October 24, 2008

X marks the spot?

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There’s been a little controversy brewing here in Phoenix.

The downtown area of Phoenix has been known for eight years as “Copper Square.” This branding effort was  marginally successful.

Last year, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership solicited for Public Relations & Branding agencies to help them evaluate the viability of “Copper Square” to either refresh the brand or change it alltogether.  The job went to area firm SHR Perception Management.

After more than a year of research and work, they came up a new, refreshed and completely different brand for Downtown Phoenix…Drumroll please…

Downtown Phoenix…’X’ marks the spot.

Seriously? It tooka year’s worth of research and $160,000 to call Downtown Phoenix, Downtown Phoenix!? Now I don’t know what SHR’s process is for branding and I don’t know what the Downtown Phoenix Partnership’s reaction to any of this was, but for that amount of money  to be invested in a project like this, I’d expect some more creativity.

Try these on for size:

  • Center of the Sun
  • 1 hot spot.
  • Pho-Town or No-Town
  • I don’t know anything…besides the utterly, blatantly obvious!

“‘X’ marks the spot” reminds me of pirates. We live in a desert, therefore we don’t have water, and thus it follows that we have no pirates. It just doesn’t work.

I suppose as a person in the business and as Phoenix resident, I’m just a lot little disappointed. I see so many unique features and characteristcs about my chosen home that I’m insulted no one — especially marketing & branding professionals — could come up with anything better than “Downtown Phoenix.”



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