October 3, 2008

Why Is Phoenix Not On The Map?

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It seems like every time I look in a publication with a directory in it, Phoenix/Scottsdale is perpetually not included.

I’m going to use Allure as my premier example. They have a services directory included every month. Every month I look for a spa, waxer, colorist, manicurist, etc., but lo, there NEVER seems to be anything in Phoenix.

It’s not relegated to fashion magazines either. There have been numerous media outlets lately where I’ve not been able to find my home on the map when I know the Valley is pertinent and newsworthy.

I wondered why…

Phoenix, Ariz. is the fifth largest city in the United States, but it’s got this dusty old west quality to it. It’s a big city where everyone knows everyone somehow. It’s the largest small town you’ll ever visit.

We’ve got world class resorts, international company headquarters, celebrities, but somehow, we just haven’t come into our own as a metropolis.

Is it our vastly different climate?

Is it that there’s practically no natives?

Summer is brutal. Winter is beautiful. Everyone is somewhere else.

The unique (hot) climate definitely ostracizes us. When the rest of the world is switching back to hot coffee, we are still in iced mode…for about three extra months. Our stores rarely stock a pea coat, an umbrella, wellies or snow boots. When the media is doling out advice on studded tires, it’s only just cool enough to use the sun roof in our fair Valley.

Phoenix is a great melting pot, (and believe me there are days here when you really think you’ll melt) people are consistently from other places. I’m a native of Pennsylvania. My hubby is an anomaly, he actually is a native! But the first question anyone asks in business or at a bar is: “So where are you from?”

Houston, Philadelphia (I was born there!), Minneapolis, Detroit even; they all seem to have more media street cred. And I still don’t get it!

On the national stage, Phoenix has a lot to offer. With a unique climate, unique culture and unique conglomeration of citizens, Phoenix deserves a few more nods.

National media, take a look around. There’s some good stuff here!



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  1. Meghann Will said,

    I COMPLETELY AGREE. With respect to Allure, I wonder that every single month. What is the deal?? I personally believe there is a bit of east coast snobbery to blame. Some hardened easterners have a hard time believing Phoenix’s sophistication and still think of it as the Wild West. Many think San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles are the only “safe” and chic places west of the Mississippi. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who notices this.

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