September 2, 2008

Blatant Political Overload

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:37 pm by R

I’m sure Shannon can relate to Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper’s exhaustion and political overdose induced looniness from last week’s Democratic political convention in Denver. There was seriously a five minute conversation between pundits about how great the band was and how in the groove Wolf was during commercial breaks.

The first time Anderson mentioned it, I thought it was funny. “Haha, Wolf gets down to 70’s funk cover bands.”

The second time I thought, “Careful Cooper, you’re pushing it.”

The third through fifth times I just rolled my eyes and thought, “Seriously?”

Tonight, in St.Paul, the band came up again. My jaw dropped. Really. We haven’t gotten over the band yet? I was close to crying “UNPROFESSIONAL!”  Then I realized: these poor, sweet broadcast journalists have been talking about nothing other than politics for two weeks straight. They must be going nuts! Bonkers! Looney Toons!

Wolf needed the band as a distraction from the political gobble-di-gook and Anderson needed something other than politics to talk about. And you know what, I needed that band. Dare I say, it’s refreshing to see buttoned-up commentators interacting like sleep-deprived, normal human beings.

The “Best Political Team Ever” must be punch drunk from all the back and forth between the Obama and McCain camps. They clearly need a break, as (I’m sure) do the teams from MSNBC, FOX News, ABC, CBS and that PBS show that does all the features that my mom loves.

I say, enough verbal kickboxing (at least until the debates)! Can’t we have the band from Denver play from 3-9pm on CNN? They do a bang up Brick House. Wolf, Anderson, are you with me?


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