August 27, 2008

The Rise of the DNC Gossip Columnist

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From the New York Post’s Page Six to Politico’s Shenanigans to Bill Husted’s column in the Denver Post, everyone’s got a gossip column. I would argue that gossip columns are among the most widely read coverage of the current Democratic National Convention. People are clamoring to know who was at what party, who was wearing what, who was schmoozing with what political figure and most importantly, who wasn’t invited!

I’m proud to call myself a gossip columnist connoisseur but I also spend much more time reading the real news. I find it a little ridiculous that more people seem to be reading these columns rather than the real coverage of the DNC. Come on people, we’ve got history in the making here and your biggest concern is what A-lister was seen at last night’s party! What’s scary about this phenomenon is that even high profile businesses and executives are placing these columns above other news coverage. Gossip columnists are finding themselves at the top of the DNC event invite list often bypassing hardcore political reporters who are truly passionate about the issues.

Unfortunately, my time is limited so I can’t dive into this issue further but I throw this question out to you – Has our celebrity-gossip obsessed society changed what we perceive as the most important news sources?



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