August 21, 2008

Death Knell for the Press Release

Posted in A walk on the "dark side" at 11:08 am by R

Ric Cantrell, chief deputy of the Utah state Senate has single handedly put the nail in the coffin for the press release.

Yesterday, Charlotte Rische of Valley PR Blog posted an interesting link to a photo of Mr. Cantrell’s process for getting the word out. Take a gander.

Basically there’s a long list of high-tech ways he planned to reach out to important publics:


That’s a real loud question mark behind that press release. Not to mention look at where press release ranks in priority to texting, blogging, podcasts and media pitching.

It’s fair to assume that the press release is going the way of the Beta…and the VHS for that matter. Now is the time to Twitter, blog, text and podcast our clients’ news. In some ways it’s great because it causes us to be more succinct and precise with our communication when we use current technologies to reach out.

But the press release is something we can put our hands on. You can feel it, read it, see it, print it out and stick it in a press kit…But then, it’s a useless sensory activity to be tactile in our fast-paced, information-greedy world. Reporters only (and rightfully) care to have information delivered to them in the most convenient and simple way. People want to be green, so really, why print that bad boy out? And seriously a press kit? Unless you’re peddling a product like a drink (our Revolution 3D kits were truly awesome) what’s the point of doing anything less that digital?

Oops! I’ve just successfully proved why the press release is obsolete. And our intangible service industry becomes even more intangible-er.



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