August 17, 2008


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There’s so much news these days and so little of it is good. Even with the uplifting news about the Olympics, disturbing news of unrest in places like Russia, Georgia and Pakistan steal the top headlines. The onslaught of such headlines is giving me PTMSD (Present Traumatic Media Stress Disorder).

I’m a confessed news and political junkie and I  just can’t help myself. I have to read the stories. I want to understand. But it’s stressing me out. So much access to information has given us insight into all the goings-on of the world…all of them.

There’s first hand reports about the terror of the Georgian refugees as they fled Russian troops. There’s tenuous reports about the fragile peace between Russia and Georgia and details of strained political relations between major international players. There’s just not a lot to smile about. But there’s plenty to be freaked out about…which is my point.

I seriously, seriously am developing a break out over the nervous energy which ensues as I digest all of the breaking news headlines.

Is it the state of the world or all the information we have about what’s going on that’s making me so anxiety ridden?

Do we have too much access to information? Is it corroding our society by making us stressed out and increasingly negative?

I’d love to insert a dissertation on peace, acceptance and global unification here, but I’m still hammering out some of the finer details (more to come), but as for the media, I have a solution: fluff stories.

I think it’s time we bring back the fluff piece in a big way. Feel-good feature stories that remind us of what is good in the world and in our communities. Frankly, we NEED this kind of media. We need happy. Because if I see one more ominous headline about Vladimr Putin…Well, I’m not sure I have enough salicylic acid to deal with the break out that will occur.

And let’s face it, there’s not a chance I’m not going to be exposed to news (although I managed to avoid a lot of it when I only watched the Disney Channel on vacation) — it’ll be on my Web home page, I’ll have to thumb the paper for client articles, I’m gonna pause on CNN on my way to Bravo — there’s no avoiding it.

And if there’s no avoiding it, can we please work together to make it joyful! USA Today, NYT and Washington Post, I beseech you, please include one genuinely happy story on your front page (preferably above the fold). Your readers need it. Our leaders need it.

An ounce of goodness goes a long way. We can work together to remind one another of the good in the world and inspire everyone that news touches to increase the happy through the media.

Only we can prevent Present Traumatic Media Stress Disorder (PTMSD).



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  1. zak said,

    I’m with you on PTMSD; however, it should be noted that someone did once try a strickly good news newspaper. . . No one read it and disappeared pretty quickly.

    There is a magazine you can subscribe to though, Ode

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