August 14, 2008

It was an honor to be nominated.

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Awards are an important part of building a career, reputation and a public relations tactic that brings recognition to a person and a company.

I had the honor of being nominated for the Athena Young Professional award given by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. This year’s class of nominees is the first for the Young Professional category in Phoenix, which specifically recognizes the work and community commitment of women ages 21-35.

The Chamber hosted a beautiful reception at Sanctuary, which is one of THE nicest resorts in Phoenix, Arizona, the Left Coast, etc. There was incredible company and great networking with women whose work I respect, admire and aspire to.

Some of the company included my client! (That should tell you about the caliber of people I work with.) Susie Timm, Scottsdale Community Bank President of UMB Bank Arizona n.a. — a fellow nominee — myself and my cute-as-button hubby are pictured below.

(Photo courtesy of Kenn Tomasch, GPCC)

The accomplishments of all the nominees were really profound. There were CEOs, founders, top attorneys, even WNBA stand outs who couldn’t be there because they are in Beijing! Impressive.

The finalists announced last night are people who have made enormous contributions to the community, to their companies and to female professionals everywhere.

One of the things that Katie Pushor, the president of the Chamber, said in her address to the crowd was that, while only one Athena is named each year, everyone has an Athena in their lives. All of us have someone we look up to and are inspired by to excel in our respective careers.

As for me, there were three prominent communicators present last night whose work I know well and I respect very much: Carrie Martz, Denise Resnik and Cheryl Walsh. Two are past Athena’s and the latter is a finalist this year.

There’s much to be excited about in this field and many accomplished women to look up to. It was an honor to be nominated…



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