August 13, 2008

Olympic Feats in Advertising

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The Superbowl begat the phenomenon I’d like to touch on now…Olympic advertising.

Few television events come loaded with the same anticipation, emotion and humanistic themes as the Olympic Games. So advertisers have a lot at stake as they transmit their brand characteristics to BILLIONS of viewers, billions of buyers.

I cannot tell a lie, I totally choke up when I see the montages of meaningful Olympic moments, so it makes sense that Visa would tap into that emotion and create the “Go World” campaign. In a brilliant move, they took their brand truly global by reaching out to the spending power of the world’s most populous nation (host country China) and pulled at the heart strings of anyone who has ever seen their country man or woman cross the finish line, nail a perfect ten or break a record.

Across the board, we are seeing a common theme with advertising at these Olympic games – the commonalities between us.

At a time when things seem so divided, derisive and down right scary on this planet, corporate advertisers are reminding us that we are one world, one human race, we are more similar than dissimilar and that we all need to cheer for each other.

Here’s a couple more examples:

Coke’s Bird’s Nest — different kinds coming together to build one thing.

Visa Come Together — enough said.

I hope we see the theme and atmosphere of the Olympics carried far beyond these few weeks in August. Because it’s the right attitude and because it’s good advertising 🙂



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