August 11, 2008

Back to the Grindstone

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There’s something about coming back from a great vacation that feels like the New Year. You’re re-charged, energized to affect change and resolved to do more, be better for yourself, others, clients, THE WORLD!

And then you get into the office and the internet isn’t working and discover things basically in shambles with an in box so full of emails it’s bursting at the digital seams.

For me the biggest thing in dealing with all of this madness is just the change in attitude. We often forget that rest is an intricate part of excelling at work, handling a jam-packed schedule and percolating great ideas. Sometimes you have to step away from your professional life to realize that you are in fact burnt out. And acknowledging the problem is the first step…Then you have to actually do something about it. WALK AWAY!

For me, stepping away is difficult. Even when I want to, that nagging little voice in my head says in it’s seductive whisper, “Check your Blackberry email.” And lo, there is something I must respond to.

But after about 72 hours away, the urge begins to subside, that little voice gets more distant. Then that magical moment happens, I realize that I feel relaxed, untethered to my responsibilities and light (although with all the shrimp enchiladas, chips and guacamole and cheeseburgers that’s not literal) . My mother-in-law is right when she says you have to get in the groove to be on vacation.

And once you’re in the groove a beautiful thing happens — inner professional peace/I forgot I have a job.

Now, my first day back all harried with incidents like the freaking internet not working and a mass pile-up of email, I still find that I have a stamina, tollerance and revived sense of purpose that was seriously flagging before my summer vacation.

The point my friends is simply this: it’s not more work that’s better, it’s good work that’s better. Good work is most often produced by rested, balanced individuals. Today, I am one of those lucky individuals…talk to me next Monday and it might be a different story. 🙂

Long story longer, the European’s have it right with their six weeks of vacation. Who knows how much more we might get done and what great ideas might be produced if we had some more down time.


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