July 18, 2008

Insurance and Syrup — A co-branding match made at breakfast

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You see this happening all the time, two well known brands with established characteristics and loyal followings join together and go skipping hand-in-hand through the marketplace.

This can be a very successful tactic for a campaign, or a total flop if the brands aren’t appropriately aligned.

Ones that work:

  • Starbucks and iTunes
  • 24 Hour Fitness and the Olympics
  • Project Runway and Elle Magazine

One I discovered this morning that is highly questionable:

  • Geico and Mrs. Butterworth….huh?

Yeah, you read me right. Geico — an insurance company — and Mrs. Butterworth — maple syrup. You know the campaign they have going where the “average insurance customer” just can’t explain their story quite as well as a “celebrity.” Well, evidently, Mrs. Butterworth is a celebrity! Watch it here.

I need someone to tell me how these two brands benefit each other enough to co-brand together in this ad. I’m really struggling to wrap my brain around this one…

  • Do a disproportionate amount of Geico customers report eating an inordinate amount of hot cakes with extra sides of syrup?
  • Are people who buy Mrs. Butterworth simultaneously seeking quality car insurance?

I’m at a loss here. But what’s crazier is that it works! I laughed out loud at the gym when I heard Mrs. Butterworth quip in her maple syrupy sweet voice, “Oh look, someone’s put a logo right over my face.”

Seriously for a person in the advertising/marketing/public relations field, that’s hilarious.

Will this be a partnership that spans beyond this one ad? I doubt it. But it just goes to show that the rules of properly aligned brands can go out the window when you have a quirky brand (Geico) working with something completely unexpected and totally juxtaposed.

It says plenty about the power Geico’s brand has. Mrs. Butterworth, enjoy your time as part of this campaign. I’ll see you at breakfast.



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  1. Ha! I love those Geico ads!

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