July 11, 2008

I Heart Barry Kluger

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Barry Kluger is a blogger on a site I read daily — ValleyPRBlog.com. Along with other talented Valley of the Sun PR pros, he and several other of my Phoenix peers write about PR, social media, goings-on, etc. His entry today is a good one.


Barry is a 30-year vet in the public relations industry and has plenty of experience to back up his claim. I have one tenth of the experience he has, but I whole heartedly agree with his position.

PR isn’t just a field for people-persons, nor is it just for party planners and event managers. To borrow Barry’s words:

There are places in the world for the Lindsay Lohan press agents but too often, that becomes the role model for people getting into public relations and that, while popular, is about the ‘art’, not ‘science.’

Public relations is both art and science. You must possess your own style that helps you to build relationships with the media, but that style must be rooted in strategy (the science).

It pains me to think that my profession…nay…vocation is perceived as one of fluff and parties. Because it really does take someone with long-range vision, fastidious planning skills and a healthy dose of business savvy and creativity to make it in this field.

Mark my blog — PR is not for the faint of heart, the weak of spirit or the simple people-person alone. As much business professional as legal eagle (minus the JD, of course). Part party planner, part TV producer, part editor, part freelance writer, part business strategist, part project manager.

Public relations is a career for the jack-of-all-trade types, people who realize that our collective task is to think seven steps ahead and know what each of those steps looks like.

Thanks Barry for illustrating the importance of understanding our WHOLE field.



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