July 10, 2008

PR Milestone

Posted in In the news, Media, Personally... at 4:32 pm by R

I had a major professional milestone today…my first press conference. It’s like the Sweet 16 of PR (as in you’re old enough and wise enough with the media to get them all in one place and wrangle). I feel practically giddy now that it’s over and I can classify this one under “resounding success.”

The press conference was for a sports team. We announced the establishment of the newest American Basketball Association expansion team, the Phoenix Fury. We had lots of TV cameras, plenty of print reporters and a healthy-sized crowd to watch as we introduced the CEO Xavier Mitchell, GM Bob Newman and the Dir. of Ops Joe Bryant (Kobe’s dad, who is as sweet as he is tall – and the man’s very tall.)

In addition to everything going 80% smoothly (which is 100% in the PR world) I made a few new friends. It’s always so much fun to build a little camaraderie among reporters, camera-persons and media.

If you’ll allow me to touch upon a common theme — PR and journalism, two sides of the same team. It takes all of us to make great news. Thanks for letting me contribute to your great work.

As exciting as the day has been with it’s flurry of activity and much satisfaction in a job well done, I’m glad it’s over…my anxiety waiting for this press conference to arrive and managing all the details to make it come off (almost) flawlessly, has taken a toll. Regrettably, I had less than flawless skin today…good thing I’m behind the cameras not on them. šŸ™‚

Someone get me some glycolic acid STAT!



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