July 10, 2008

Missile Mishap.

Posted in In the news at 4:14 pm by seattleprgirl

In scanning the news today, one article caught my eye.  Perhaps it caught yours too…it was featured on the front page of most major dailies, the NYT, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and Financial Times…to name a few.

And, as morning on the East Coast turned to afternoon the question became, did Iran really launch four missiles???

The controversy followed after the AP published a similar photo to the ones on the major dailies, however the AP picture mysteriously lacked the fourth missile.  In taking a deeper look (as provided by the NYT online) the smoke clouds and missile fire from two of the missiles eerily resembled each other.  Very interesting.  Here’s a link to the NYT blog diving deeper into the photo – they have an excellent visuals.  And might I just add…three missiles is just as unsettling as four.


Kudos to the person out there who caught this.  I love details and in a world where Photoshop and airbrushing reign supreme (have you seen this months cover of Elle?!) it’s fun to catch things that just aren’t quite right.


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  1. Robyn said,

    Seriously. Since when does Jessica Biel look like Christie Turlington?

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