July 8, 2008

Journalism In Jepoardy

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Another 80 bite the dust.

The Chicago Tribune has followed suit of the LA Times and eliminated 80 of 578 reporting jobs.This is roughly 14 percent of the Tribune staff.

The Tribune Companies are trying to work off a staggering $13 billion in debt. In addition to the lay offs at one of the nation’s biggest papers, they will be selling off several news papers including the Long Island Newsday and other holdings including the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field baseball stadium.

Something tells me it would be a bigger boost for the economy if they sold the team and stadium rather than drop the axe with such a heavy hand.

Also, watch the ad to content ratio SOAR. As much as I hate to hear that good, solid professionals are losing their jobs I also hate to hear that the news doesn’t trump major advertisers.

Unfortunately I expect to write more of the same in the coming days…

God bless journalists.


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  1. gweiloindublin said,

    i just blogged about the same thing. desperate times…………

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