July 8, 2008

Get Organized!

Posted in A walk on the "dark side" tagged , at 8:42 am by R

I’m a vertical piler. That’s right. For the sake of having the illusion of an organized desk, I will stack all pertinent papers in no particular order on the right hand corner of my desk. This is not good organization. Because inevitably the phone number, email address, pertinent piece of information I need has shuffled its way into the deepest, darkest dregs of my pile and is virtually un-find-able.

I am truly my own worst pain-in-the-arce sometimes.

Real Simple has millions of reasons why I shouldn’t do this and millions of ways to fix my organizational problem. But that takes time I don’t have to a) research b) execute.

So what’s a girl to do?

Quit work early. Yep, you read me right. Every day at 4:40 (unless something really is burning down the house) I stop working and start organizing. Papers go in proper files. Newspapers and magazines go into the publication morgue, contacts on Post-it’s get updated to by address book and Voila!

No, my vertical piles aren’t totally gone. But they are much farther away from getting the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest pile of stacked papers.

It seems counter intuitive to quit working before five (very un-American of me). But if it makes you work BETTER, then why not.

The key to being a great young professional, is knowing what your work style is, owning it and playing your strengths to the client and company’s advantage. Vertical pilers, Multi-pilers, I-swear-I-just-know-where-things-are-on-my-desk-ers, digital compilers, work your habits. My advice is, do it on the clock and you’re likely to get a quicker jump on the day and squeeze a little more productivity out of yourself.

And if not productivity, at least a few spare minutes to read this blog…and Perez Hilton.



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