July 3, 2008

Hard Times for Newspaper

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This is nothing new, sadly. The Associated press is reporting that the LA Times will be eliminating 250 jobs 150 of which are in the print and online reporting deparment.

Newspaper is having a rough go of it competing with more interactive mediums like TV and (especially) internet.

Says Russ Stanton, Editor

“We’re great about putting out a paper; we’re getting a lot better at putting up a Web site,” he said. “We’re not very good on TV or radio, and we don’t do mobile at all. We need to do all of those things going forward.”

What to make of this? Expect to see a thinner paper and more on line content (Read between the lines: GET TO KNOW THE ON LINE CONTENT EDITORS. TOP OF YOUR MEDIA LIST!)

Russ did make one other comment of note, especially worthy to us in PR:

“The number one reason that people cancel the L.A. Times is, they tell us, they don’t have enough time to read the paper that we give them every day,” Stanton said. “We’re going to be more picky about the stories we choose to write long and a lot more picky about the ones we write shorter.”

In the words of The Great Tim Gunn: “This worries me.”

As Public Relations pros, it means we’ll have to be that much more on our toes as we pitch content to EVERY media  outlet. With less space and shorter stories to get our messages across, it’s time to get creative.

I say: Look for more cut backs across the country. Be prepared to be a journalist yourself. Help our friends in the news room by being targeted, well-researched and newsworthy.



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  1. wow. thanks for this tid bit. i’m sad to see newspapers do this, but i only pick one up when i’m at a cafe/diner and they have them readily available for people to pick their favorite sections.

    i have been working on my PR list and was never really sure who to put as my contact, but now i will seek out the online content editors. thanks for sharing that!

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