June 29, 2008

Finding the Right Words

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In public relations, we function as writers a good deal of the time. As such, it should be expected that we will each encounter that dreaded phenomenon — writer’s block.

Struggling to find just the right word to describe a client’s product, mission or service is laborious but critical. I have, for example, a client who has recently released a new beverage which is quite good. The first ingredient on the list is tea, but the company wants to be known for more than that. They want this to be referred to as something that hearkens the nature of it’s name.

It’s called Revolution 3D. It’s super fruit juices (blueberry, pomegranate, mango, green apple) vitamins (B & C) and white tea. I’m not saying this because anyone has asked me to…this stuff is really good. So good in fact that I have to tell my self “no you can’t have ANOTHER can today.” It’s all too easy to zip to the break room and crack another open (those pomegranates go fast!)

The conundrum is this: Although 1/3 tea, it’s not an iced tea; though 1/3 fruit it’s not a juice; though 1/3 vitamins it’s not a vitamin enhanced water. So what exactly is it?

  • Multi-dimensional beverage — yes
  • Active lifestyle beverage — yes
  • Something more than this in description for potential buyers and media — yes

To find the exact words that convey what this new-to-market product is requires real genius that I’m not delivering on today.

Let’s try a few on for size here. (Bear with me please):

  • Revolution 3D: The drink with a certain je n’ais se quois.
  • Revolution 3D: Un-tea-licious
  • Revolution 3D: A whole new dimension of refreshment
  • Revolution 3D: Makes other drinks quiver in their 2D boots?

Like I said, I’m just not dead on today. Someone go grab a few cans and help a sister out! It’s available only in Arizona right now (because the company empathizes with the triple digit temperatures and decided we needed something refreshing and very cold immediately). So if you are in Arizona, run to an AJ’s, grab one and give me a suitable definition to share with future sippers and media.


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  1. katlily said,

    I work at a large (mainly) food distributing company. We got the chance to meet with Revolution and try those 3D’s – and they WERE good!!! Interesting, and light, and quite refreshing. I liked how for being -flavored- they weren’t too sweet. Normally a tea drinker, I do from time to time enjoy something a little different, and 3D satisfies that. It’s a little of everything, and just happens to be a tea. Good luck thinking of something! Sounds like a fun job you got there!

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