June 19, 2008

The Power of Nice

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Linda Kaplan Thaler, advertising maverick and author of the book “The Power of Nice” is a genius.

Not only has the woman built a billion dollar ad agency from the ground up and continues to win Cleo after Cleo, but she’s hit upon, what I believe, is the real key to success in today’s business climate, especially as a young female professional.

Anything negative that you do can go anywhere, thanks to cyberspace and active online social networks. Why risk it, especially when kindness is so clutch!

I’ve dealt with people who use nasty as a tactic to get their point across. I’ll shoot them down everytime with a smile and sweet words. Guess what, they ALWAYS back down. They come down to my level, a kind one. Once you are on an even emotional playing field, that’s when great things happen. That’s when things get done.

I saw Linda on Donny Deutch’s Big Idea this evening. They were discussing power and I happen to agree that nice is the best way to be get what you want and be the most effective. That being said, I think they missed just why nice works so dang well. When someone gets angry, they give their power to their emotions. To get things done you have to keep your power.

Success and power, require that you stay in control. Deflecting a client’s snippiness and addressing them with kindness shows them that you have the power in the situation…and you are a gracious enough person to share it.

In as much as my job is to manage public images in the media and among key stakeholders, it’s also to be a powerful female communicator who shows clients how to be nice, powerful people. Emphasis on nice.


  1. Linda said,

    Hi there,

    So glad you caught the show last night and that you, in theory, agreed with some of the insights we talk about in our book, “The Power of Nice.”

    Would love to send you a book if you want to email me your address and name…

    Meantime, have a great summer, and stay “nice!”

    Linda Kaplan Thaler

  2. N. J. Stewart-Smith said,

    All your entiries are inspiring. Perhaps you were inspired along the way by the saying below. It has an element of nice vs. vice to it also.


    Compassion is the foundation of leadership.

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