June 18, 2008

Heaven. Heaven. Heaven…Russert By a Landslide

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Today’s post title comes from a white board laid outside the Washington D.C. Bureau of NBC News in honor and rememberance of a remarkable newsman and stellar human being, Mr. Tim Russert.

If you’ll recall, this is actually a play on one of the most iconic statements made in politics during the 2000 election. When asked what Tim Russert thought the close race between George W. Bush and Al Gore came down to on that election night, he wrote this:




Bush by a landslide.

Just as Tim Russert was spot on about the 2000 election, so was the witty individual who laid that white board down on the side walk. It brought hot tears to my eyes and a little smile to my face too.

I have been a long time admirer of Tim Russert. He was the reason I wanted to be in broadcast journalism. He was the reason I was fascinated with politics. When he took the helm at Meet The Press, my parents and I watched every Sunday. His purpose was to inform the viewers. I loved that about him!

That principle was never more evident that during the 2008 primaries. You had to love his enthusiasim! The excitement Tim Russert had for this round of politics was palpable through any TV set. He could feel that we were all participating in history.

Upon news of Tim’s passing last Friday, I cried. Publicly. At a Jewish deli around the corner from my office. (Which has a great bagle and lox, by the way.) Tim Russert was an inspiration to me. I never ended up in broadcast journalism, but I’m a political junkie and a great admirer of the news.

The thing that makes me sure that the title to this post is the truth is the fact that, in addition to being a fantastic reporter, Tim Russert was a phenomenal human being. And his Jesuit background only adds to his greatness in my own very humble opinion.

All I know is this: It’s gonna be one heck of an election if God feels like He needs Tim Russert by His side to  sort this one out.

Here’s to you Mr. Russert.



  1. Marianne said,


    As author of the whiteboard, I only intended to personally honor Tim Russert; but am pleased that it resonated with you. As is so important, we anonymously share in our grief at his passing.

    Thank you for your comments, Marianne

  2. N J Stewart-Smith said,

    Preposition Poem written during High Plains Writing Project Institute 13 Jun 08.

    Throughout his life
    Among people simple and powerful
    Excepting – his love of sports and his great talent and praise
    With reference to his role as a journalist
    Before an audience of one or a million.
    As far as his responsibility for a national treasure
    With respect to Meet the Press
    During his seventeen-year tenure in the host seat
    Within the NBC studios in Washington and New York
    In front of millions of views each week
    From Buffalo, NY, he came
    With a solid grounding in his faith and family
    Because of all he brought so enthusiastically to his vocation and friendships,
    Since he died so suddenly there is a deep shock and sense of loss
    For Tim Russert 1950-2008.

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