June 17, 2008

Same old thing all over again

Posted in Spin tagged , at 8:33 am by R

I keep the Today Show on while I get ready in the mornings. Today, Billy Ray Cyrus was on talking about “Nashville Star.” At least he spoke about “Nashville Star” for about thirty seconds. The conversation promptly turned to the Vanity Fair photo shoot and the controversial photos of his daughter Miley.

Call me crazy, but I thought we addressed this in April?

My question is: who suggested that Meridith Viera ask poignant questions about Billy Ray’s presence on set?

If the controversy has all but gone away, why go back? It’s not as though the public is still demanding answers about how a father could have let his fifteen-year-old daughter be photographed provocatively. Six weeks ago — yes. Now — not so much.

When I media train clients, I teach them to keep their power in an interview. I try to give people skill to keep the interview on their terms and get across their messages. Mr. Cyrus could have quickly and easily addressed the question by saying something like:

“That was a learning experience for us as a family. We have learned some important lessons and moved on to more exciting and important things like our new Hannah Montana Movie.”

And poof, you’ve addressed and redirected in two sentences.

Billy Ray, I’m here if you need me.


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