June 17, 2008


Posted in Personally... at 11:35 am by seattleprgirl

Whenever I’m tasked with developing key messages for clients around a new announcement or product I begin by looking at how they got there. Background is one of the most important parts of PR (and my day to day life) because how can you understand something without knowing the background on where it came from?

Thus, me.

I started my PR career directly following my graduation from Gonzaga University. In the summer of 2005 I moved to my dream city…San Francisco…where I immediately began working for an international tech PR firm. My background grew into tech through experience, I certainly didn’t think this would be the field of PR I’d chose to work in but I found that I liked it. There is something truly satisfying about translating something very tech focused, engineering slang if you will, and making it tangible for general consumers. By general I mean early adopters, but still, I tend to think that new technology is very exciting.

My most recent move came at the beginning of this year, when I transferred from San Francisco to Seattle. Seattle is my hometown and I’m really excited to be back. I joined a new PR agency when I moved, Hill & Knowlton, and I’m excited to help build the Northwest tech PR practice for the agency. Beyond my love for PR, I am a runner, wine connoisseur and ZAG basketball fan. I’m also planning my wedding, which as a type A planner in my day job, transitions nicely into wedding planning.

And that’s the background on me.

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